Meet // Made by Lucy

Meet // My name is Lucy Roberts, I am full time mum and part-time maker based in Bristol.

What I do // I collect all kinds of ‘treasures’ old, discarded, broken, lost, anything that takes my eye really, and I arrange them in deep box frames to create a little mini museum exhibit or ‘Treasure Box’. Generally I arrange them by colour and sometimes they have a theme, the latter especially if the piece is a commission for a specific person.

My inspiration // I have always been drawn to little objects like keys, buttons, seeds and tickets and have collected such bits and pieces throughout my life, as a child I loved looking for shells and pebbles on the beach (still do) and now I am a car boot sale addict . So many amazing tiny things can be found for a few pence, things with a real history that don’t deserved to be thrown away. Museums are another lifelong inspiration, especially the really old fashioned Victorian ones which have hardly changed. When I was pregnant with my son, who is now almost two, I decided to be strict with myself and collect together all these little oddments that were collecting dust in our house and put them to good use, and out of the way. I created my first six Treasure Boxes for the baby’s room which was really fun. He loves them and talks about them most mornings when he wakes up, pointing out the colours and things he can see in each one. Since then I have continued to collect ingredients for more boxes like these, and I sell them at ‘Blaze’ in Bristol, a lovely shop in central Bristol which we run as a co-operative.

Pictured // Boxed collections for 19

made by lucy - meet the maker

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